Get Organic Leads with Video Content you can make yourself.

Join the 12 week In Person Social Video Accelerator Co-Hort

Hosted by Jenna Redfield of Twin Cities Collective

In person and virtual hybrid social video training program for Twin Cities Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Creators

Video has the power to transcend words, creating a connection that resonates deeply. It's not just content; it's a compelling story that engages, inspires, and transforms. In an age where attention is the new currency, video is the key to unlocking hearts and minds."

Steven Spielberg


Why Social Video?

Grow new leads, sales & clients with video

Short 60 second Social media videos are the fastest way to grow your audience and sell your products and services.

Learn how to make effective, fun and engaging videos without having to hire it out!

I've taught thousands of people how to make better videos

For the last 15+ years, I've done every single part of the video creation process, from filming to editing to being a public figure and influencer to YouTube and social media content creation for clients. I've also been a coach and educator and I'm taking all my skills and experience and putting it into this 12 week workshop series.

Overcome your video struggles

Embarking on the journey of creating compelling social media videos may initially appear daunting, but rest assured, success is a matter of practice, not innate talent.

Our Social Video Accelerator 12-Week Program is designed to demystify the process and empower you with the skills needed to confidently navigate the world of video content creation.

With dedication and guided practice, you'll unlock the potential to captivate your audience and elevate your brand through impactful social media videos. Embrace the learning curve and transform intimidation into mastery with our comprehensive program.

Why Social Video Accelerator?


Join local creators to make connections and learn from each other and build a small group community!

Proven Social Media Results

With hundreds of thousands of video views, Jenna Redfield knows how to make content as well as how to teach it effectively.

She is the current marketing master at the Uplevel Together Mastermind and helps teach video to many different organizations, including MIMA, Twin Cities Startup Week, the University of Minnesota and more!

Unmatched experience

Jenna has over 15+ years editing videos, has a degree in both production as well as training in Los Angeles as a video editor. She has been teaching both video and social media classes in the Twin Cities since 2018. She's worked with many local clients creating social media videos for the past few years.

Connect with fellow business owners and creators who want to grow with video

You will learn from someone who has also made the journey to success. The best coaches are seasoned leaders.

Walk away with confidence that you can make your own content


The largest group for creatives in the Twin Cities

For over 5 years, we've been hosting local events and workshops as well as our annual awards, we've grown our audience to over 20k and can teach you how to grow yours as well.

15+ years experience

Professional Video taught in an easy to create style

With 15+ years in video production, including attending film school, work in Los Angeles, professional videography and a YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands of views, I have the experience to teach you how to make effective videos.

What the Spring Co-Hort program looks like

Dates for the co-hort

  • Tues March 5th 6-7:15pm (In Person)

  • Tues March 19th 6-7:15pm (In Person)

  • Tues April 2nd 6-7:15pm (In Person)

  • Tues April 16th 6-7:15pm (Zoom)

  • Tues April 30th 6-7:15pm (In Person)

  • Tues May 14th 6-7:15pm (Zoom)

This 3 month program will be with a small group (5-20 people) who will be alongside you learning and experimenting with both in person and online training sessions.

This is the only program like it in the Twin Cities to learn how you can make your own videos for social media.

March 2024

Week 1-2: Getting Comfortable on Camera (In person)
Tues March 5th 6-7:15pm (In Person)

Embark on your journey with confidence as we dive into conquering the camera. Unleash your authentic self, overcome shyness, and learn the art of captivating communication. From body language mastery to developing unwavering confidence, this module sets the foundation for your transformative video journey.

Week 3-4: Understanding Recording Basics (In person)
Tues March 19th 6-7:15pm (In Person)

Equip yourself with the essential tools and knowledge needed for top-notch video production. Discover the secrets of impeccable audio, master lighting techniques, and grasp the fundamentals of shooting engaging videos. Elevate your content quality from the very start and ensure your message is heard loud and clear.

April 2024

Week 5-6: Content Strategy for Social Video (In person)
Tues April 2nd 6-7:15pm (In Person)

Crafting compelling content is an art, and in this module, you'll become a maestro. Identify your target audience, build a captivating storytelling framework, and develop content calendars that resonate with your viewers. Uncover the strategies that turn casual viewers into devoted followers and customers.

Week 7-8: Editing Mastery (Virtual)
Tues April 16th 6-7:15pm (Zoom)

Transform your raw footage into professional-grade masterpieces. Dive into the world of video editing tools, learn basic editing techniques, and discover how to enhance your videos with a polished finish. Elevate your storytelling through the magic of editing and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Due to this being a technical class, this will be held and recorded virtually on zoom

April/May 2024

Week 9-10: Content Publishing (In person)
Tues April 30th 6-7:15pm (In Person)

Navigate the complex landscape of social media platforms with confidence. Learn the ins and outs of publishing and distribution, understand platform algorithms, and harness the power of hashtags and keywords. Maximize your reach and ensure your videos are seen by the right audience at the right time.

Week 11-12: Content Organization (virtual)
Tues May 14th 6-7:15pm (Zoom)

How to organize your content and know where to find content to share in the future.

This class will be on Zoom

Meeting Location

Join us at Ridgedale Library

We will be meeting at the Ridgedale Library (exact rooms TBD depending on how many people join)

4 of the 6 sessions will be in person and 2 will be on Zoom


Join our Spring Co-Hort

$297 for 6 sessions over 12 weeks

Frequently Ask Questions

What do the sessions look like

We start with some social time for about 15 minutes
Then about 60 minutes of walkthrough/presentations or hands on learning

Then end with 15 minutes of Q & A

What if I can't make one of the sessions?

Unfortunately, we won't have redo sessions but we can send the slides to you if you cannot make it. The live sessions will have audio recordings but not video.

Can I join late?

Unfortunately we will close the enrollment when the cohort starts.

If we get a ton of inquiries, we may split into two co-horts

We hope to do future co-horts as well.

Office: Minneapolis


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